Matheson Hammock Park

9610 Old Cutler Road

(Meet across from Red Fish Grill)

This is a great way to start the day off - and begin with a challenge.  Out of the studio, this Yoga class brings a connection to balance and the environment right on the instability of the water - a dichotomy of nature.  An hour of Vinyasa Yoga on the paddle board - a full body and mind work-out will build strength and calm to any ordinary yoga and meditation session.  Come and get your sun salutation - a yoga class on board. Challenge your core and connect with mother nature.


1 Yoga Paddleboard Class + Board Equipment

1 Yoga Paddleboard Class (Bring your own board)




  1. 1. I have never paddleboarded before!   This is OK.  Yoga paddleboarding is more like having a dynamic mat under your hands and feet.  You will not be doing any advanced paddleboarding in this class.  It will focus more on the mind + body workout of vinyasa yoga.

  2. 2.When does this class take place?  We try to schedule this class twice a week.  Please inquiry below as to when the next class is or visit our Meetup Page for the Latest Events.

  3. 3.What should I wear?  Wear what you would wear to a yoga class on the beach.  Try not too wear any baggy clothing.  You may want to consider clothes that could get wet.

  4. 4. How long is the class?  The class is 1 hour long.

  5. 5. What should I bring for my first time yoga paddleboarding? We recommend you always bring water, a towel, sunblock, a dry bag and some light snacks.

  6. 6. Do I need special water shoes?  Fancy water shoes are not necessary but you may want them for wading on shore.  However, you will NOT be wearing any shoes while doing yoga on the paddleboard. 


Still have questions about the Yoga Paddleboard class?  Feel free to contact Shirley below...